a little bit about.....


.....how & why I got here.

My 1st steps at hybridizing were taken 13 years ago, under the mentorship of Ira Penn. I realized in one season that I would definitely need more growing space than my city home could ever offer. So after looking & looking, for over a year, to find just the right  place, that had just the right exposure, with the just right land, & most importantly, just the right magic, I found these 2 acres just outside the village of Jordan, where I had previously lived years before.


The name of RavenCroft Cottage was gleaned by combining my family surnames that dated back to 1690.  The fact that the ravens are here in good number only added more spice to the mix.

With the property came an old, Italianate style farm house, listed as being built in 1875, & in need of repair, restore, or replace, from the ground up.  But it had running water, so I was up for the challenge of setting the place to rights.  It may never be finished in my lifetime.  


RavenCroft Cottage is located in growing zone 5b. 

Daylilies, Dolls, & Gardens



.....each day brings a new revelation in the daylily beds, & every season produces new & exciting results in the RavenCroft lines.



.....RavenCroft Cottage is home to the Prim & Properly Dolls, hand made primitive folk art dolls, crafted from my own, original designs & patterns. Each doll is unique in their own look & appeal. 


& gardens.....

.....the gardens here are butterfly & pollinator oriented, & summer months abound in the beauty of blooms galore.

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Directions & Contact Info

Located 20 miles west of Syracuse, NY, between the historic Erie Canal villages of Jordan & Weedsport,  RavenCroft Cottage is easily accessible from the NY State Thruway (Interstate 90, exit 40 at Weedsport), as well as State Routes 31, 5, & 20.

Visitors to the gardens are always welcome, by appointment please, in the months of July & August. Peak season is mid July. 

To schedule an appointment please contact Anna Carlson by phone or use the button link below for email.

RavenCroft Cottage

110 Clinton Rd., Jordan, NY 13080, USA

(315) 689-7841

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