RavenCroft Fool on the Hill.....

RavenCroft Fool on the Hill is a hot, vibrant bicolor, starting with a yellow/orange throat, expanding to a blood red petal that darkens at the very end, sporting a bright mid rib. Petals are tightly pinched & have a soft small ruffled edge, while the sepals are recurved. The presence of the flower in the garden is commanding. This is a bud builder & is capable of blooming right up to the first heavy frost. It is out of a seedling from ((Brave World x Unknown species) X Let It Rip). It is pod & pollen fertile, with a light to medium green foliage that is slender & arching. 

If you like skinny, this bloom is a must have for your garden.

AHS Database:  Height 35 in.(89 cm), bloom 7.5 in.(19 cm), season La, Semi-Evergreen, Diploid, 35 buds, 3 branches, Unusual Form Pinched Crispate,  Yellow orange throat that darkens at the very end of the petal to deep blood red, sporting a bright yellow midrib, tightly pinched petals with soft ruffles on the edges, recurved sepals. (sdlg × Let It Rip)

Rebecca's Curls.....

This wonderful flower is named for my sweet young cousin, who was the victim of a shooting accident at the age of 8 years. A very pretty girl, she had flowing curly locks, and pink & purple were her favorite colors. It’s only fitting that this cultivar carries her name, Rebecca’s Curls.

Rebecca’s Curls is registered as a twisted crispate though it’s one of those form that spills over into other UFO categories. It features wood shaving curls & frequent quilling on 37” scapes. It is a pale pink with a large red violet eye zone that wanders out onto the edge of the petals. This TET unique form has medium green arching foliage showing minimal pest & disease in my zone 5 garden. It is out of  Million Dollar Legs X Judge Nancy.

AHS Database:  Height 35 in.(89 cm), bloom 8 in.(20 cm), season M, Semi-Evergreen, Tetraploid, 17 buds, 2 branches, Unusual Form Twisted Crispate,  Pale pink, large red violet eye that spreads onto petal edges. (Million Dollar Legs × Judge Nancy)

the Woodlands Series.....

Below are 3 new additions to the Woodlands series of spider & unique form daylilies, presenting the gardener & landscaper with graceful blooms. Suitable for any style of garden, urban or cottage, the Woodlands series is perfect for naturalizing any setting. The line is out of Arlow Stouts’ 1953 introduction, Poinsettia. Those who are familiar with Poinsettia know of it’s fabulous candelabra branching, which it readily passes on to it’s offspring. All of the intros in the Woodlands Series are pod & pollen fertile.

Woodlands Dark Red Fox.....

The bloom on Woodlands Dark Red Fox is a warm rusty red, with a darker band, over a bright yellow throat that shows a tinge of green at the base. Blooms are open & up-facing. Spider ratio is 4:1. Petals will frequently exhibit darker veining. A full sib to Woodlands Spotted Newt, it will occasionally exhibit some spotting as well. This is a tall, floriferous, Sev to Dor plant with medium green, arched foliage. It is pod & pollen fertile & is giving me some exciting dark, colorfast kids.

AHS Database:  Height 44 in.(112 cm), bloom 5.5 in.(14 cm), season MLa, Semi-Evergreen, Diploid, 48 buds, 5 branches, Spider Ratio 4.00:1,  Warm rusty red, darker band, over a bright yellow throat with a tinge of green at base, open, upward facing blooms. (Poinsettia × Aabachee)

Woodlands Meadowlark.....

  Woodlands Meadowlark captures the beauty of it’s namesake, with it’s vivid yellow self on an open spider form. The color holds very well in extreme heat & rain. Spider ratio is 4:1. The bright yellow, up-facing self has a lighter mid rib, & is accented with a fulvous, or russet, obverse, making it a focal point of any setting.  Like it’s other Woodland’s sibs & cousins, this cultivar is clearly a standout with a strong garden presence. Scapes tower over arching foliage, averaging 50” to 54”, & are strong & well branched. And like it’s pod parent, Poinsettia, it has a high bud count averaging 45 - 50. 

AHS Database:  Height 54 in.(137 cm), bloom 6 in.(15 cm), season MLa, Semi-Evergreen, Diploid, 45 buds, 4 branches, Spider Ratio 4.20:1,  Bright yellow with lighter midrib, upward facing bloom with fulvous or russet petal obverse. (Poinsettia × Maximum Warp)  

Woodlands Spotted Newt.....

Woodlands Spotted Newt carries up-facing blooms that feature a cadmium yellow throat, extending to mid ribs of the same color, accenting a rusty red ochre self, with a dark chevron band. The frequent petal spotting is variable, depending on temp & humidity. This phenomenon seems to be a cloaking of the red over the yellow base, & is not seen on the sepals. Scapes are stately. Foliage is medium green & arched. Blooms are colorfast. It is pod & pollen fertile. Spider ratio is 4.75 X 1.

AHS Database:  Height 42 in.(107 cm), bloom 5.5 in.(14 cm), season MLa, Semi-Evergreen, Diploid, 40 buds, 4 branches, Spider Ratio 4.75:1,  Upward facing blooms with cadmium yellow throat extending to midribs of the same color, accenting rusty red ochre petals, dark chevron band, and frequent petal spotting on petals only, which is variable, depending on temperature and humidity. (Poinsettia × Aabachee)

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