Up With the Sun.....

Up With the Sun is out of (Sherry Lane Carr X (Scale Model x Carved Initials)) A deep butter-cream yellow, sometimes with apricot tones, over a  brilliant green throat, the bloom is seersucker textured. Up With the Sun is a cool morning opener (CMO) & an early morning opener (EMO).

AHS Database:  Height 34 in.(86 cm), bloom 5 in.(12 cm), season EM, Semi-Evergreen, Diploid, 25 buds, 5 branches,  Butter cream, sometimes with apricot overtones, brilliant green throat, textured, round bagel form, early and cool morning opener. .. (Sherry Lane Carr × (Scale Model x Carved Initials))

Rebecca Lynn Marrongelli.....

Rebecca Lynn Marrongelli is named in remembrance of my young cousin, who left us at 8 years of age. This flower emanates everything she was, sweet & lovely. It is out of Elegant Candy X Love Will Find a Way. The bloom has wonderful substance, holding form in extreme heat, with rose - peach coloring of the flower that features a narrow watermark over a yellow / green throat. Bloom time starts around July 9th in my zone 5 garden, & continues into August. 

AHS Database:  Height 30 in.(76 cm), bloom 5 in.(12 cm), season M, Semi-Evergreen, Tetraploid, Fragrant, 20 buds, 4 branches,  Rose peach with narrow watermark over yellow green throat, tightly ruffled yellow picotee edge, heavy substance.. (Elegant Candy × Love Will Find a Way)

RavenCroft Firestarter.....

RavenCroft Firestarter heralds the coming of fall. It begins blooming in the last week of July, & continues all thru August. A pinched crispate form, it is diamond dusted, with small ruffles at the edges. A deep cadmium yellow throat transitions to smoldering, molten red hues. It is out of a Dan Bachman seedling X Richard Herbert Haynes.

AHS Database:  Height 36 in.(91 cm), bloom 5 in.(12 cm), season MLa, Semi-Evergreen, Tetraploid, 17 buds, 4 branches, Unusual Form Crispate,  Deep cadmium yellow throat that transitions to molten red hues, ending in ruffles at the edges, colorfast, diamond dusted. Bud builder.  (sdlg × Richard Herbert Haynes)

Sky Violet.....

SKY VIOLET has white mid ribs accenting a veined, red-violet self that features a lilac watermark, blending into a wide lemon-lime throat. The form is unique, crispate, open, & diamond dusted. 

Named for the many violet hues that erupt across the skies just as the sun sets in the Finger Lakes Region of central NY. The coloring is also reminiscent of the magenta fascia worn by those bestowed with the title of Monsignor in the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church. Could it be a play on words with the Eric Burdon & the Animals 1960’s release Sky Pilot? You decide.

AHS Database:  Height 50 in.(127 cm), bloom 6 in.(15 cm), season MLa, Semi-Evergreen, Diploid, 26 buds, 6 branches, Unusual Form Crispate,  Veined red violet with lilac watermark, wide, lemon lime throat, white midribs, diamond dusted.. (Fluid Dynamics × Blue Blast)

RavenCroft Sun Streaks.....

RavenCroft  Sun Streaks is a relief sculpted DIP, whose petal surfaces look & feel just like corrugated cardboard. So very unique & different,  the raised ridges resemble streaks of sunlight that pierce the clouds on rainy, overcast days. The textured bloom features a hot spicy red-orange cloaked self, ending in a ruffled edge, over a wide, sizzling yellow-orange throat. The sculpting is consistent on every bloom. A definite show-stopper in the garden.

AHS Database:  Height 32 in.(81 cm), bloom 6.5 in.(16 cm), season MLa, Semi-Evergreen, Diploid, 26 buds, 6 branches, Unusual Form Spatulate, Sculpted Relief,  Red orange with wide, yellow orange throat, ruffled edge, textured sculpting consistent on every bloom.. ((Brave World x unknown) × Let It Rip)

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